What is Ares Galaxy?

A free open source file sharing program, Ares Galaxy allows users to download and share any digital file such as software, images, audio, video, documents, movies, games, applications, and more of anything you can imagine worth sharing.

The Ares Galaxy network has a very large and dedicated fan base. This goes to show that using Ares Galaxy is advantageous in tapping a huge resource from the virtual community and finding anything that you may need. With Ares Galaxy you get to enjoy interactive communications by joining chat rooms or hosting your channel and meet new friends. You can now easily publish your files via the Ares peer to peer network. Ares latest versions support Shoutcast radio stations and BitTorrent protocol.

Since Ares Galaxy came to be Open Source, it opened its doors to let anyone view the source code. Some were not content just viewing, but took the source code, made it their own, and gave their best effort to improving the very popular Ares Galaxy program. Thus the Ares Galaxy PRO edition came about.

To appreciate Ares galaxy, you need to dig deeper than just look. Learn about its exciting features and compare them with some other free peer to peer clients. When you do that, you will discover how well built Ares Galaxy is and how much more it can offer from which to benefit from as compared with other P2P file sharing programs.

Ares Galaxy in in any version has an interface giving users an easy and sleek access. Downloaded files are directly stored into the library which can be sorted in a variety of options. Editable files make for easy search options like editing keywords to conveniently find files you need to share.

Fast Downloads

Ares Galaxy is fully automated finding multiple sources and downloads numerous files from a many users simultaneously. This remarkably speeds your download time. Ares runs behind firewalls and does not require configuration.

Library Organizer / Search Engine

Library organizer sorts out your shared files into categories and allows you the option of changing your share settings. It has a powerfully built search engine to find any file at any given time. A useful quick-search feature searches your files when a keyword is encoded.

Built-in audio / video player

While downloading files, you can simultaneously preview other files and organize your playlist to build your favorites. Ares Galaxy’s player is supporting Shoutcast internet radio. You are also able to watch videos and listen to music files while download is in progress and have not been completely retrieved.

Chat rooms

The built-in Chat Option tab is the most clicked feature in Ares Galaxy. This leads you to connect with chat rooms where you can join available channels or host your own chat room within the Ares galaxy program. Creating a chat channel is pretty easy.  Just create a username, follow the bouncing ball, and enjoy chatting and meeting new friends while downloading files.

The moment you start using Ares galaxy you may notice its lightweight design. It is really a very small program that does not use much space. Its compact design has a sleek and clean interface that contains a simple main tabs bar running across the top area from which you can choose any of the available tabs and start exploring. If you find the interface a bit dull to your taste, you can use the skins feature to alter and liven it up. Ares Galaxy allows you to customize your theme and background color for a brighter interface.

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