Want to take a closer look at the application? Take a look at these screenshots!

Home Screen

This is the home screen of the application as well as the media player. After downloading a file you can play it in the integrated multimedia player simply by right clicking the file and selecting the play option.


This is your own personal file library. All the downloaded files will be stored here and you will be able to easily access them by browsing through the folders or by using the integrated search functions.

Search Tab

This is how the search tab looks once you have initiated a search. You are presented with all the different files that matches your search keyword as well as any other search criteria that you selected. You can download any of these files by simply right clicking on the file name and selecting the download option.

Transfer Tab

This is the transfer tab. Here you can see how well your downloading are doing. You can monitor the speed and the progress of the downloads. You can also pause, stop or delete the downloading files from this menu.

Chat Rooms

This is the chat rooms tab. The screenshot is showing how a chat room looks once you have joined one. On the right you can see who is currently inside the chat room. The chat room has most of the basic features that a messenger should have such as smilies and text personalization.

Theme Customization

In the control panel you can change all the application settings. This particular screenshot shows the different types of skins/themes available for Ares. You can change the skin simply by selecting one of the options you see in this screenshot. There are also over a hundred other themes available on the internet. Just search for them.

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