Ares Galaxy and Internet Radio

February 24th, 2012Posted by Kee

Ares Galaxy peer to peer software leads the file sharing community in providing intelligent search tools, extreme downloading speeds, voluminous chat room interaction with dependable control panels and multi-media player to its massive online community. In the peer to peer file sharing world, this free open source software tool gives quick access and enables you [...]

Ares PRO Edition

January 30th, 2012Posted by Kee

Ares Galaxy PRO is the Professional Edition currently enjoying a great demand from the most discriminating BitTorrent file sharing clients. Most users like its simple, effective, attractive and easy to use interface. In addition, Ares Galaxy PRO’s directory is a welcome executable along with data options compatible to your PC, yet maintaining a compact file [...]

Ares VS eDonkey

January 30th, 2012Posted by Kee

The decision to download and install the best P2P file sharing network may be the most difficult task you are faced with at this point in time. That may be the reason why you are reading this article. And so, it goes without saying that this article is an attempt to compare Ares Galaxy with [...]


January 28th, 2012Posted by Kee

Frostwire in Trouble

January 28th, 2012Posted by Kee

The popular file-sharing application FrostWire settled its qualms with the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC alleged that FrostWire disregarded the privacy of users by having no clear statements about downloaded user files being publicly shared by default. Developers responded to the allegation by deciding to turn FrostWire into a Bit Torrent-only client, and eventually dropping [...]

Downloading Torrents Safely

January 28th, 2012Posted by Kee

Are torrents safe? How do I dodge viruses and malware when getting torrents? These are the common questions asked by many people uninitiated to the world of file sharing. Legal disclaimers and ethical opinions about torrents are the least discussed issues and yet a good topic to expound for purposes of helping you decide whether [...]

How to download movies?

December 29th, 2011Posted by Kee

Ares Galaxy is an innovative P2P file sharing program allowing users to share and download multimedia files the quickest way. With Ares download platform, you benefit from a secure and decentralized supernode/leaf P2P network which delivers quality download files shared with your family, friends, and colleagues in zoom speed. Ares development dates back to 2002 [...]

What is P2P File Sharing?

December 26th, 2011Posted by Kee

P2P file sharing is a unique system involving distribution of a file or files shared between persons, peer groups or just about anybody interested in the concept of multiple sharing in the World Wide Web. Peer to Peer sharing has become a favorite undertaking among people greatly interested in amassing a wealth of multimedia files [...]

What is Ares Galaxy?

December 23rd, 2011Posted by Kee

A free open source file sharing program, Ares Galaxy allows users to download and share any digital file such as software, images, audio, video, documents, movies, games, applications, and more of anything you can imagine worth sharing. The Ares Galaxy network has a very large and dedicated fan base. This goes to show that using [...]

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December 20th, 2011Posted by Kee

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