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Ares is free peer-to-peer file sharing application that allows you to download and share files over the internet with your friends, family, coworkers or the Ares community. Ares has many useful features such as your own personal file library, integrated chat rooms, bittorrent support, integrated multimedia player, customizable interface, one click search and much much more. There is absolutely no limits on the amount of files you can download and the download speeds will always be as fast as your internet connection is capable of providing. With Ares, you can download almost any type of file such as Music, Movies, Games, Software, Pictures and more. Click the download button below to get Ares Galaxy, it’s 100% free!

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File Organizer

Ares File OrganizerEvery single file you download with Ares will be placed into your own file library which can be accessed by clicking the “Library” tab. The file organizer automatically sorts all the downloaded files into categories (Audio, Video, Software, Pictures, etc.) so they would be much easier to find afterwards. The file organizer also has many different search functions which allow you to find exactly the file you are looking for withing seconds. First of all, you can search through your library using keywords. You can then sort the search results by name, date added, size, and a couple of other options. If you do not want to use those features you can simply navigate through the library by clicking and opening folders. Just like you would do on your own computer. I you want to add your own files to the library (files that were not downloaded using Ares), then you can. Simply click on the add file button in the top menu, choose the file which you want to add, and it will be added to your own personal library inside Ares.

Integrated Multimedia Player

Ares Multimedia PlayerAres has an Audio/Video play build into the application for your convenience. Whenever you download a movie or a song, you no longer have to open a separate program to play it. Simply right click on the file once it finished downloading and click play. This options will be available for all the Audio/Video file extensions that are supported by Ares. The media player also has an integrated ShoutCast radio function which allows you to listed to your favorite radio channels using the free ShoutCast radio service.

Fastest Downloads

Fastest Download SpeedsAres will always have the fastest downloads since it is using a peer-to-peer network to let users share and download files. Unlike many other file-sharing programs, Ares Galaxy has absolutely no limits on the amount of data you can download/share nor on the maximum speed of the downloads. Your downloads will always be able to go as fast as your internet connection will let them.

Integrated Chat Rooms

Integrated Chat RoomsAres now has chat rooms which you can use to communicate with the Ares community. In the chat rooms tab, you can either create your own chat room and wait for people to join or can join somebody’s chat room. There are currently over 500 different chat rooms available every day so you are bound to find a chat room that shares a topic of your interest.

Simple yet Stylish

Ares Icon - InterfaceA simple bar across the top of Ares galaxy lets you to navigate between any of the tabs and quickly move and get what you need. You get a sleek and simple design that gives you all options you need without any complex manipulation or anything too flashy. The default pleasant appearance of the interface is good enough, but if you want to brighten it up, there is an option to alter ‘skins’, from under the Control Panel window and choosing ‘skin’ tab. There are a few design choices here but may be satisfactory, like a passionate red to a relaxing emerald green or if you’re looking for a more radical approach you can use a design change, like OS themes.  The choice is completely at your disposal.

Complete Coordination

The library tab will lead you to the library feature, which is the repository for all downloaded files and organized folders. You get the main folders like audio, image, video and a few others. Each main folder has several sub folders, for instance audio contains audio files grouped by artist, album and genre. If you are looking for a particular file there’s a built in search engine that efficiently digs deep into various sources to bring you back what you want. With this search option, there is no need to go through your library.

Optimizing Ares Galaxy for Speed

Optimizing Ares Galaxy SpeedAres Galaxy is a revolutionary system for uploading and downloading, which means that it is not a file hosting service. Ares is a peer to peer program, a vehicle that lets information and files transmission from one computer to another. Because of this, the functions involved in configuring Ares Galaxy are much more complex than just clicking “upload” or “download”. For some, the idea behind Ares is not anything new, but for others, it is something entirely different. The goal of this guide is to describe what Ares offers that other programs do not, and how to configure Ares with your computer so that both work at optimum capacity. If you still haven’t downloaded it, click one of the download ares free buttons on the top of this page and let’s begin!

Control Panel. The control panel is where you will find all  of the most intimate and highly important details that govern the operation of Ares Galaxy that can be edited and altered. When you open Ares Galaxy and move to the control panel, you will be shown a list of tabs from which to select from.

The General tab, the first in the series has several options, but only the first and second tabs are really important – “loading up Ares when windows starts”, or “loading up the network when Ares starts”. In the spirit of file sharing and for convenience, check both options.  This action allows anyone interested to share with you every time you are online.

The next available tab is the Transfer tab. Here you can control the number of downloads that can be taken from your collection of shared files at any given time, and the amount of downloads that you can take from other user’s systems. The number of downloads allowed is set to a default of ten which can increase or decrease.

If you allow just a few downloads at a time, you will get download single files to download faster, but a whole gamut of extremely larger amount of files will take longer to queue up. If you allow many downloads, you are able to queue up many files for download at once, but they will all be competing for so much network attention that each file will be downloaded extremely slow. Coordinate each setting on an average night of downloading according to your needs.

Controlling the amount of uploads allowed at once means that you are controlling the amount that can be downloaded from you by other Ares Galaxy users. The fewer files that can be downloaded at once, the more people there are competing for that slot. In order to fulfill the needs of others, you need to be online more often. Too many people downloading at once though can make your computer go slow. So, coordinate these settings depending on your needs. Haven’t downloaded Ares yet? Click the download ares free button on the top of this post.

Ares Transfer Tab

Bit Torrent. For torrent users, this screen is self-explanatory. This lets you to set Ares Galaxy as the default torrent client, which means that whenever you download a torrent, it will be downloaded through Ares rather than UTorrent or Bit torrent or whatever program you normally use. This can help cut down on the unnecessary number of extra programs on your computer since Ares Galaxy functions as a bit torrent client, a file sharing service and a media player. You can check this option if you want to economize, or just leave it blank.

File Sharing. This is the final step in optimizing your system for both upload and download, and this screen is about the uploads that you make to other users’ systems, and the downloads they take from you. The first selection is just the C drive. Make sure to make a folder that you are comfortable sharing. Sharing the entire C drive is not good as you would be sharing all of the sensitive information on your computer. Once you’ve selected the correct drive and done all of the other steps, your system should be optimized to start using Ares Galaxy and test its full potential.

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